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Natural Defense

Get back to feeling like yourself with our Natural Defense Drip - the immunity boost you need!

Service Description

The Natural Defense Drip is a specialized IV therapy designed to help you recover from the common cold and flu more quickly. Packed with high doses of vitamin C, B vitamins, and other essential nutrients, this drip provides a powerful immunity boost when you need it most. By bypassing the digestive system and delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream, this treatment can help reduce the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms, such as fatigue, congestion, and headaches. Ingredients: 500ml Normal Saline, Magnesium Chloride (525mg/ml), Calcium Gluconate (65mg/ml), Thiamine HCL (130mg/ml), Riboflavin (2.5mg/ml), Pyridoxine HCL (135mg/ml), Niacinamide (130mg/ml), Dexpanthenol (330mg/ml), and Cyanocobalamin (1.5mg/ml).

Contact Details

(607) 319-3345​

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